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PRIMABABY COTTON PADS are chemical free with excellent absorption capacity. These are made from 100% cotton. We use water jets while making the pad fabric rolls which makes it lint free. The fabric rolls are cut in to cotton pads using dies thus making it safe to use on new born babies. With Prima Baby cotton pads, you can be assured of head to toe protection for your little one. Each pack contains 60 disposable cotton pads.

Baby Cotton Wet Wipes Manufacturers
Product Features
Extra Thick Cotton Pads

Extra thick cotton pads

Chemical Free Baby Personal Care Products

Zero Chemicals

Natural Organic Cotton Pads

Made from 100% natural cotton fibers

Soft Gentle Absorbent Baby Pads

Soft, gentle & absorbent

Hygienic Baby Personal Care Products

Requires minimum use of water

Risk Free Baby Cleaning Pads

No risk of cross contamination

Baby Wet Wipes Manufacturers

Keeps their strength even when wet

Cotton Cleaning Pads Suppliers

Great substitute to reusable towels

Baby Cotton Pads Bulk India

Pack of 60 disposable pads

Convenient Hygienic Baby Cleaning Wipes

Quick, convenient and hygienic

Applications Of Baby Personal Care Products
Soft Gentle Absorbent Baby Pads

Perfect for nappy change and full body clean up

Cleaning Pads For Newborn Baby

Ideal for bathing your new born

Baby Cleaning Wet Wipes Manufacturers

Ideal for topping and tailing