Prima Baby is a brand of Precot Meridian Ltd. Precot Meridian Ltd is a leading manufacturer of cotton personal care products such as Baby cotton pads, Baby Cotton balls, Cosmetic cotton pads, Ear buds etc.,

Primababy Products - Baby Personal Care
Baby Cleaning Wet Wipes

Made up of premium cotton for kids . Extra thick cottton pads, Chemical Free for baby's delicate skin, Perfect for nappy change and full body clean up

Baby Cotton Wet Wipes Manufacturers
Wet Wipes Manufacturers

ExtraThick Cotton Pads

Soft, gentle and absorbent 100% pure cotton

Chemical Free Baby Cleaning Pads

Chemical free

Chemical free for baby's delicate skin

Baby Body Cleaning Pads

Full Body Clean Up

Perfect for nappy change & full body clean up

Primababy - Baby Safety Cotton Ear Buds
Safety Cotton Ear Buds Bulk

Made up of premium cotton for kids . Ear Drum Protection, 100% Cotton,Clinically Tested

Safety Cotton Ear Buds Bulk

Ear Drum Protection

Special tipped design for ear drum protection

Baby Safety Cotton Ear Buds

100% Pure Cotton

Made from 100% pure cotton

Clinically Tested Baby Personal Care Products

Clinically Tested

These are clinically tested.

Quality Assurance

As far as quality of our products is concerned, we follow a Total Quality Management (TQM) system. We execute 5s methods of housekeeping that is sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain.

Global Organic Textile Standards
Primababy - Unit Of Precot Meridian

Precot Meridian started its first production in 1964 with an initial capacity of 12,096 spindles at Kanjikode, Kerala.

Precot Meridian now has units in the four southern states of India viz., Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka with a total spinning capacity of 2,25,000 spindles and 1728 rotors.

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